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Saturday, July 05, 2008


Dolls from Africa

Africa is a very big continent with many countries, tribes, and peoples. The people of Africa have many customs, artistic styles, and musical forms. Some people make beautiful cloth, baskets, and masks.

Sometimes African people make dolls for children to play with. Some Africans make dolls to have for collections. Other dolls and figures represent religious ideas, and are used in ceremonies among some tribes and peoples. Here in North America (our continent) there are many different people who make dolls for all the same reasons. In our family, we give dolls to children to play with, and we collect dolls.

Here are a few African dolls that I saw in the museum in Toronto. Two pictures show girl dolls, that are all dressed up in beaded costumes. Children played with these dolls.

The third doll is a very special doll. It is made to look like Nelson Mandela, a very famous leader of the country of South Africa. The South Africans think he is a very great man. He recently had his 90th birthday. -- maybe some people made more dolls to celebrate this birthday.

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