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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Bunny on the Beach

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Panda in a tree

A little while before my walk through the zoo today, a construction noise had frightened the young panda, so she climbed into the tree. That's what they do, I learned. And sometimes they fall out of the trees, though they don't hurt themselves. The mother panda in the next cage was just lying around; I guess the noise didn't bother her. The father panda was not in the exhibit today, he was in the research area. Pandas in the wild live alone, except when the babies are young, so they each have a separate cage at the San Diego Zoo.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


German Language Lesson?

Sunday, April 12, 2009



In the sky beyond the La Jolla Shores beach we can always see gliders. Yesterday we visited the glider port and watched the gliders taking off. A paraglider is a parachute that you can fly from the ground, as long as it's windy. Another kind of glider, a hang-glider, has stiff wings. When we were there, some people were folding up their hang-gliders. One person was flying a radio-controlled model plane too. It was very high up.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Feed the Lorikeets

The Wild Animal Park has many animals out on the African Savannah: dik-diks, lions, giraffes, white and black rhinos, pelicans, wildebeasts, and many more. We saw them from the Safari ride, and also while walking. In the other part of the park are many bird cages, the merry-go-round, gift shops and restaurants, and much more.
Miriam and Alice fed the lorikeets from a little cup of special nectar. They also climbed into a big bird nest.


Butterfly House

At the Wild Animal Park the annual butterfly exhibit just opened, so it was very crowded. We enjoyed seeing the butterflies land on our shirts, hats, and hands.

Sunday, April 05, 2009


Guest Blog by Alice

i am in San Diego. This is the story: once upon a time Alice and Miriam came out from the airport and then we ate lunch. Then we were at the beach. Miriam buried me in the sand. And so I buried her back. Miriam found lots and lots and lots of kelp. And then we rode home. Then we had dinner; I slept through the dinner.

Then I woke up in the morning. We had breakfast. I had 4 bowls of Honey Smacks. And then we went to the incredible zoo.

We saw the koalas first. And then we went on a tour. Then we took the Sky Ride but my dad and my grandpa did not do the sky ride -- they walked up the hill. Then we went to the Polar Bear Plunge. Then we had lunch, but I got cotton candy after. And then we went to the gift shop. I took half an hour to find out what I wanted. I picked out a cute penguin, and then we went home. On the way back to the condo we had some gummi frogs.

We ate dinner after that. After dinner we went to bed. In the morning we woke up. We went on the cruise boat for 1 hour in the harbor. We saw lots of people who had suitcases because they were going on the cruise ship for 6 days. My mom said that they were staying where the cruise was more than I was staying at the condo.

And now I went to eat. After we ate we went to Point Loma. We saw a weird lighthouse, well at least to me it was weird. Then I rode home because I wanted to. And so we went home. And then Me and my sister made a creation. You can see the creation on the earlier blog post here: "Miriam and Alice's Creation"

And after that, I wrote this blog. Then I said "tippety tat." And Miriam was playing with her chihuahua.


Guest Blog by Miriam

We are in San Diego visiting Mae and Lenny. We are in a condo. On the day I came from the airplane we went to the beach. After that, we went to see the seals. Then I went to sleep. The next day we went to the zoo. We stayed there for 5 hours. Then I watched some TV in the afternoon. Then I went to sleep. Then in the morning I watched more TV. I went on a cruise. It was really fun, but they talked a lot about aircraft carriers and the Navy. Then I went to Point Loma Seafood. Then we went to a lighthouse. Then me and Alice played in the backyard and made a beautiful creation. Then I wrote this!

Me and Alice at the Zoo Sitting on a Statue Gorilla.


Miriam and Alice's Creation


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