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Saturday, July 28, 2007


Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a wizard who lives in England. He is a character in a series of seven books. Mae, Lenny, Tom, Evelyn, and many many other grownups and children just read the last of these seven books. Evelyn and Tom bought their copies in Germany. Mae and Lenny bought their copies in Sicily, which is part of Italy. Other people bought their copies at bookstores all over the world, or ordered a copy to be delivered on "Harry Potter Day" last Saturday. I know some people who were traveling and bought the book in an airport even though it was very very expensive.

Because Saturday was the first day that anyone could buy the book, everyone was waiting for that day. Everyone wanted to know how the story ended; all were eager to read for themselves. No readers wanted to have the ending spoiled by anybody telling them how it came out.

We bought one copy. Lenny read it first, and he finished quickly. Then I read on the beach and in the evening. Miriam heard how I was afraid Lenny would stay up all night to find out the end, but I made him promise to turn the lights out at 11:30. When I read it, I made myself turn the lights out at 11:30 too. The picture shows the cover that's on the book we bought. Some people have the same book with a different picture on the cover.

The Harry Potter story is a very good one. I liked the way the last book ended. I think a lot of people liked it. When Miriam, Alice, Theo, Tessa, and Delia are a little older I am sure that they will enjoy reading it.

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