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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Food for Cold Weather

It's very very cold outside. Indiana is having a blizzard. Elaine wrote about how she walked in the snow with all her warm clothes on (Snowy Weather). The picture is from a news story about Indiana's weather.

In Virginia they are having an ice storm. Pennsylvania and Michigan have a lot of snow. Lots of other places are also cold and snowy. And in New Orleans, far to the south, it's not so cold but there was a tornado.

When it's cold, people like nice warm comfort food for dinner. It's very nice if you can smell a pot of nice thick soup, chilli, or stew with meat and vegetables cooking and filling the house with steam. When it's cold, the air is dry, so steam is good. Other food also makes the house smell good. Tonight Elaine made meatloaf and mashed potatoes and fruit salad for dinner, with brownies for dessert. I made a noodle kugel, which is very warm, sweet and custardy, and made the house smell like cinnamon. We had salad and some asparagus to go with it -- the vegetables come from much warmer places or grow in greenhouses. (For the kugel recipe see Merilyn's Sweet Noodle Kugel)

Whether you walk home in the snow like Elaine or drive home through an ice storm like Evelyn, Alice, and Miriam, it's really good to get inside. I hope you have all the food you need in the house, and that you don't have to go anywhere before it all melts away. Tomorrow I'll be shoveling the snow off the walks, but I hope it won't be too deep. If you have to go out early in the morning some hot oatmeal or cocoa might make a good breakfast, too. Good luck everyone!

After I wrote this, I saw this picture in the Washington Post:
Snow, Ice, Wind Hit Many Parts of United States -- Alli Osborn, Tasha Stevens and Sarah Moran (front, left to right) take a ride on the snow in West Lafayette, Ind. (AP)

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