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Saturday, December 30, 2006


Dinosaurs and Mastodons

Dinosaurs, mastodons, American Indians, birds, animals, and the Solar System: you can learn about them all at the museum.
Miriam and Alice looked at the T.Rex and the mastodon skeletons. They looked at the dinosaur lying on his side just as he was when people dug him out of the ground. They looked at the miniature Indian villages, dancers, copper miners, and other scenes. Alice liked seeing the babies and the people preparing pumpkins and acorns to eat when winter came. Miriam was interested in the igloo that the Inuit people built and the other types of Indian homes. They also looked at the real Eskimo clothing and boots made of warm seal skins, and some of the carved faces. They saw a real canoe on top of a museum case, and some Indian pottery.

Then we went to the planetarium to see the voyage of a space ship called Cassini. We saw pictures of the planets Jupiter and Saturn, the moons of Saturn, and its icy rings.

At first, Miriam liked seeing the pictures of the space ship and the planets, but she thought the planetarium show was too long.

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