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Monday, August 07, 2006


The Nickel Dolls

These are my mother's dolls. They were called "Nickel Dolls" because that was how much they cost. They are very small. For a penny, she could also buy an even smaller doll.

My mother and her sisters made their clothes from scraps of cloth. The lace scrap was from my grandmother's wedding dress. I think they crocheted the hats. They even made the hairpieces out of little bits of my aunts' hair. My mother had long curls, so she didn't want to cut any little pieces off of her own hair.

My mother liked to play with these dolls when she was a little girl, about 85 or 90 years ago. She saved them, but when we were little children, she only showed them to us. She knew that they were too fragile for us to play with them. I'm glad she saved them, because I still have them now.

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