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Thursday, August 31, 2006


My friends go downtown

This is a real story that happened today. I went downtown with my friends from my dollhouse. Alice and Miriam played with these friends when they were visiting here, so they know they like to be in small places. Well, in downtown, there are fairy doors just the right size for my friends to visit.

First we went to Selo-Sheval Gallery.

Then we went to Peaceable Kingdom. The fairies have their own store, with little windows that my friends looked into.

After they looked in the window, they went to the door that's outside.

We walked past The Ark, but the fairy door in the big door there is too high for my friends, as you can see in the picture. I guess the fairies must fly into the door when they go in.

Finally, we went to Sweetwater's Cafe, where the Fairy Door is in an indoor brick wall next to a cafe table.

One thing I don't know is why a lot of people put pennies next to the fairy doors. I thought fairies didn't need any money. But these are city fairies, not the fairies that live out in the country. You can learn more about fairies in Ann Arbor at Fairy Doors.

I wrote to the fairies. I said:

Dear fairies,
My friends and I visited you yesterday. They looked in the windows of your store under the window at Peaceable Kingdom, and went to some of your other doors. They can't fly so the couldn't get up to your door at the Ark. We did get some nice pictures of them while they were trying to meet you.



They wrote back:

I don' hav a haz ben raining mebbe I shud get an ark tho'???

I liv in the
sumtimes the bigapple
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